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Rule #1 – Never Lose Money.
Rule #2 – Never Forget Rule #1.

~Warren Buffet

How I can Help…

Income Planning
Learn how to prepare for a steady retirement.
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Social Security
How can you maximize your Social Security benefits?
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Legacy Planning
We help clients safeguard their retirement nest egg by offering a variety of insurance products and financial strategies.
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Empowering Women
Women face very different challenges when it comes to preparing for their retirement
and the later years of life.
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I Focus on You!

We empower you to navigate today’s complex financial world. We customize a plan to fit your individual and family needs, as well as the needs of your small or large business.

My Strategy

Our financial professionals focus on providing tax-efficient assets and retirement strategies to assist you in reaching your goal of financial independence.

Our goal is to give you customized financial strategies in an effort to provide financial clarity that may help improve your quality of life. After a careful financial discovery with you, your financial professional will analyze your personal financial situation — income, expenses, liquidity needs, and retirement goals — and create a retirement strategy that is tailored to your situation. We are dedicated to helping you achieve financial independence by helping your retirement work in concert with the other pieces of your financial strategy.

Once we develop your strategy, we will not stop there. Now the journey begins. Your financial professional will be there to help you implement and manage your strategy
every step of the way.

Take the first step toward having the retirement of your dreams.

Color of Money

Take your first step on the road to retirement.

The Color of Money Risk Analysis assesses your financial picture and provides a roadmap to your overall risk preferences. The output will be a proprietary Color of Money score. You may also explore where you are on the risk spectrum, and you can choose to retake the Color of Money Risk Analysis to further understand how specific actions may affect your score.

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Generational Vault

Access your important information 24/7.

With the Generational Vault you will never waste your precious time on the ceremony of the safe deposit box again. Every time you log into the vault, you have immediate access to detailed financial information. You can view a snapshot of your financial picture, a simple-to-understand summary of all your financial accounts, detailed records of your assets, important financial reports and dynamic charts.

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